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"...Passion, emotion, magic, charm, harmony, smiles, professionalism... One cannot resist admiring them! Young, ambitious, talented, and positive, they can help anyone learn how to dance! ‘What’s most important is enthusiasm, the rest is on us!’ say Lili and Evgenii. Each dance that they perform\turns into a magnificent show, because while they dance they put all their effort, experience and skills into it, and most importantly – the feeling that this dance is unique! Winners of numerous national and international salsa competitions, participants in some of the biggest Latino festivals in Europe, Evgenii and Lili are founders of the Sofia dance studio ‘Pa’Lante’, which in Spanish means ‘forward’! Each new student is quickly overwhelmed with the magic of salsa, because their enthusiasm is impressive!..."

Dance studio Pa’Lante(Pa'Lante Dance Project) is founded in September 2007 by Evgenii Markov and Liliana Konstantinova.

For only a year and a half they have become the most successful and promising Bulgarian salsa couple. Equally known to the Bulgarian, Austrian, Turkish and Slovene public, Evgenii and Lili are the only young couple, nominated for the International Activity award at the salsa awards in 2008. They have been nominated for the most successful competition activity category, due to their first and second place at national and international salsa championships. 

As a competition couple Evgeni and Lili have perfect spinning technique and perfect balance that highlight the energetic and fast movements, specific for the LA Style. They are one of the most magnetic couples on the salsa stage. 

Lili Markova

Liliana Konstantinova-Markova (Lili) was born in Sofia on 28 April. She has a bachelor degree in Business Administration (in French) and a Master degree in Actuarial science and risk assessment, Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski

Since she was young she has been interested in different arts, like painting and ballet, and she won several poetry competitions - for two consecutive years she received the French cultural institute award the Galaxy – young francophone poetry contest 

Her attraction to Latin – American dances begins with the music of Enrique and Julio Iglesias, Martha Sanchez, Ricky Martin, Buena Vista...For three years Lili practices ballroom dances. Her preparation includes physical practice, as well as ballet lessons and stage presence lessons

In 2004 Lili attends the classes of the first Argentine tango club in Sofia, and later the same year she discovers the magic of salsa. After six months of practice, Lili and her partner D. Lazarov become the public’s couple at the Third National Salsa Competition in Dionysius club. This entitles them to participate in the finals of the First BG Salsa Festival. There, a jury, including international salsa instructors – Susana Montero, Melissa Fernandez, Francisco Vazques, Manuel Mascarell, etc. awards them with first place in the non-professionals division

For two more years Lili participates in the BG Salsa Festival competitions and wins two forth places, as well as the BG vice champion title at Salsa Sofia Open 2006

Despite being an active competitor, Lili begins her work as a dance instructor during this period. She participates in international and national salsa congresses (Innsbruck, Austria 2007, BG Salsa Weekend 2006, 2007)

In June 2007, Lili Konstantinova and Evgenii Markov become a dance couple and three months later they establish dance club Pa’Lante. Currently Evgenii and Lili are one of the most successful and promising competition couples in Bulgaria. Winners of numerous competitions, they successfully present our country at national and international salsa congresses

Evgeni Markov

Evgeni was born in Sofia on 4 August. In 2011 he receives his Master degree in Radio technology in the Technical University in Sofia. Currently he continues working as a web designer and programmer as well as being a salsa teacher and performer.  

As a student, he practices basketball, and during his junior and senior years he is part of the youth club of CSKA. Later on he enrolls in the taekwondo class of the Central Police Club. He reaches 6th gup (green belt), but after an unfortunate competition he gives up martial arts and turns to something more peaceful…the salsa. 

Evgeni dances salsa for four years in Alex and Flo, Alfredo Torres and Red Salsa Team’s dance studios. He takes part in the second national salsa competition(april 2005) together with his partner. They qualify 5th in the ‘Professionals’ division. 

Evgeni participates in the First BG Salsa Festival (2005); 3rd and 4th Innsbruck Salsa congress, Brussels 2006, 2007; Summer Salsa congress, Brussels 2006, First and Second Salsa Weekend (2006, 2007); Second BG Salsa Festival 2007. 

Since June 2007 he becomes partner with Lili Konstantinova and co-founder of dance club ‘Pa’Lante’. As a competition couple Evgeni and Lili develop their techniques with the help of Plamen Panayotov, manager of “Ogledalo’ club, Sofia; Abel Pena, five time world champion of salsaq Adrian & Anita and many more. 

Evgeni and Lili’s participation in national and international salsa congresses gives them the opportunity to attend the workshops of some of the most well-known LA salsa dancers in the world – Adrian and Anita, Luis Vasquez and Melissa Fernandez, Johnny and Francisco Vasquez, and so on.